Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.

Quote by Matt Hardy


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To all of the Photoshop Lovers out there:

If you’re looking for some fun toys to play with, check out Adobe Photoshop’s Companion Apps:

  • Nav
  • Color Lava
  • Eazel

You can work at the site of your inspiration rather than being confined to a desktop or resorting to napkin sketches.


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“If you look at a society, historically, what’s left of a society at the end, is its arts.”

Quote by Elizabeth Daley, Producer/Educator

Remember Elizabeth Daley’s quote the next time you hear someone say, “Art is pointless.”  If it truly were meaningless, art would not leave such a mark. 

  • Art is a way of connecting.
  • Art is therapeutic or destructive.
  • Art is a way of escape from pain.
  • Art is contribution and innovation.
  • Art is failure and growth.
  • Art is career, hobby, and/or education.
  • Art is the way you decorate your home.
  • Art is how you clothe your body or cut your hair.
  • Art is the music you listen to, books you read, and television that you watch.
  • Art is the food you eat.
  • Art is everything you see, smell, hear, taste, and touch.
  • Art is culture and tradition.
  • Art is ceremonies, weddings, and holidays.
  • Art is the language that you speak.

Art has a point;  the point is: you have neither future nor legacy without it.   You have no present-day for that matter.  My advice to the critics — “Art is what you make of it:  make your mark.” 


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© Todd Heisler/Rocky Mountain News. All rights reserved.

"It’s all part of a tradition that started in 1775: Never leave a Marine behind (Sheeler, 2005)."  Quickly thumbing through the September/October 2008 issue of American Photo, the bottom-half of page 14 prompted a double-take for me—a single composition from Todd Heisler’s photo gallery “Final Salute”.  Although I continue to see images that are striking, my mind keeps coming back to this one and wondering, “What is this Marine’s story?”  In 21 emotionally charged photographs, Heisler delves further into this goodbye creating a transparent intimacy from viewer to family:

Observe this Marine’s “Final Salute.”

Rocky Mountain News reporter Jim Sheeler and photographer Todd Heisler spent a year with the Marines stationed at Aurora’s Buckley Air Force Base who have found themselves called upon to notify families of the deaths of their sons in Iraq. In each case in this story, the families agreed to let Sheeler and Heisler chronicle their loss and grief. They wanted people to know their sons, the men and women who brought them home, and the bond of traditions more than 200 years old that unite them (Sheeler, 2005).


Michelle Deaton, Photo-Honey


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Sometime in May 2012, my friend, Cliff, (author of Hell Yeah DeLuna Fest) introduced me to the world of Tumblr.  To join in on the new social media camaraderie, I began a Tumblr site for myself—Photo-Honey.  Originally, the posts were merely showcasing photographs from my portfolio; however, as posting progressed, I found that I preferred Facebook as the avenue for exhibiting.  

Still, I did not want to walk away from Tumblr completely.  So, the question became,

"How can I reinvent this site to offer more to my audience?"  

On a daily basis, I engage in casual conversation with other photographers, consultants, and hobbyists whose interests range from photography as an art to the more technical aspects:  equipment, software, techniques, and even materials.  I intend to revamp the Photo-Honey tumblr site as a forum for exchanging what I have learned and allow others to do the same.  I invite you to join in on the conversation or simply follow along.


Michelle Deaton, Photo-Honey